VERY well said! An excellent commentary by Sarah Hoyt!

According To Hoyt

I was going to call this post “What Do You Think Will Happen?”  then I realized our problems are much, much bigger than that.  But hold on to that thought, as it is what has been going through my mind these last three days, while watching tantrums and hectoring, fake hate incidents and real attacks on people whose only crime is being suspected of being Trump voters, and most of all while watching the parade of bullies scream “you scared my child by not voting the way I wanted you to.”

But that last one is more of a problem, and we’ll go into it in a moment.

First, let me acknowledge that the fervent Trump supporters, the ones who started campaigning for him in the primaries, roughly a group co-valent with those calling themselves alt-right, often were bullies on line, and bullies in a particularly stupid way, where they…

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